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After 41 years I decided to pick up the electric guitar again - an instrument I begged my parents to play when I was 11 years old. Elvis Presley had just made rock'n roll famous and I was hooked. I wanted to quit taking piano lessons and learn to play the guitar.
I did just that when I was 12, after saving US$20 over six months. I taught myself how to play chords and learned basic rhythm guitar. It was good enough to play in a small rock'n roll band in high school. When I went to college in Iowa, though, I stopped playing.
Through the years I've thought about picking up the guitar again, but didn't take action on it until September 2003. I bought a Line 6 Variax guitar and started to take lessons.

Now, after a year and a half of lessons and a new guitar, a Suhr, I've developed my skill enough to record a few tunes. Today's computer technology, of course, provides an incredible array of tools to use, including the backup rhythm bands to which I have recorded my solos. I hope you enjoy them.

New Songs
Bad Dog Blues
Blues Number One
Funky Blues
A. K. Special
Blues Delight
Deja Blue
I Do What I Want
Moore or Less
Rockin' Blues
Swing It