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The content of your presentation is the most important, of course, but you also need to know words that can help you organize your presentation and let your listeners know when you want to go on to your next point or change your direction.
These words are used as signposts to tell your listeners what you are going to do next.
    What you are going to do next: Signpost phrases   Examples:
  1. Make your next point. move on to 1. Now, I'd like to move on to . . .
  2. Change direction turn to 2. Now, let's turn to . . .
  3. Refer to an earlier point. go back to 3. Let me go back to . . .
  4. Repeat the main points. summarize 4. Let me summarize my main points.
  5. Give a wider frame of reference. expand on 5. I want to expand on that . . .
  6. Give a deeper analysis. elaborate on 6. I would like to elaborate on that.
  7. Give the basic points. recap 7. Let me recap my basic points.
  8. Depart from your plan. digress 8. I want to digress a moment to talk about .
  9. Finish your talk. conclude with 9. OK. Let me conclude with this.