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Here are some key phrases and questions that can be used when negotiating with customers.
Probing is the process of asking questions to get important information from your customer that can help your company make proper decisions.
What is the situation on . . .
What sort of quantities are you looking for?
What are we looking at in the way of . . . ?
What did you have in mind regarding specifications?
What were you thinking of in terms of delivery dates?
How important to you is . . . ?
Proposal and counter-proposal
Here are some ways to make offers:
If you . . .     will be able to (+ infinitive)
As long as you . . .     can agree to (+ infinitive)
On condition that you . . . then we   could consider (+ -ing)
Supposing that you . . .     may offer (+ noun)
Provided that you . . .     might offer to (+ infinitive)
Provding that this contract works out OK,        
Covering final matters
Here are some phrases that can be used at or near the close of negotiations:
Let me just go / run over (repeat / summarize) the main points.
On A, we agreed that . . .
As far as B is concerned (in relation to B), we agreed . . .
We still have the question / issue of C to settle (decide / agree on).
And there's still the outstanding (remaining / undecided) issue of D.
We'll send you a written proposal.
We'll draw up (prepare) a contract (an agreement) based on those points.
I think that covers everything.